• Semi permanent brow tattoo was a natural progression for Kristal after a long
    career within makeup and hair.
    Kristal prides herself on attention to detail
    when it comes to the shape of your brow, the colour to suit your hair and skin
    tone and the definition tailored specifically for you. Kristal’s aim is to add
    fullness, correct asymmetry and create a brow using the golden ratio.
    With an aesthetic eye and ability for fine detail,
    Kristal will look at how to recover those
    over plucked brows or enhancing what you already have into brows you had only dreamed of.

    Brow services are offered in clinic:

    Mon - Sat at Advanced Avenue Skincare, 22 The Avenue, Windsor 03 9521 5533
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  • Cosmetic brow tattoo has become the quickest trending procedure in most
    recent years. With various techniques available such as feathering, also known
    as microblading, powder brows, ombre and combination brows, Kristal will
    ensure your new brows are tailored to suit each individual with the perfect
    colour, shape, thickness and definition to suit your facial features.
    Many of us have overplucked our brows. Have you ever been a bit too
    confident with the tweezers and took a step back from the mirror to realise
    you may have plucked 1 too many hairs and unfortunately those hairs have
    never grown back. Or perhaps you have never really had many hairs to begin
    with. We can spend the best part of 15 minutes each morning drawing them
    on and trying to perfect the shape causing frustration and testing our patience
    not to mention going through an abundant of brow pencils each year. Semi-
    permanent brow makeup is your saviour.
  • Consultation
  • $60 | 45 mins
    Includes brow sculpt | redeemable against brow treatment

    In your consultation I will discuss your brow concerns, desired outcome and suggest a technique suitable for each individual. I will draw and tailor a specific design for your facial structure. In the conultation I will wax and tint your brows in preperation for your brow tattoo treatment. It's highly recommended to grow out your brows for as long as possible prior to your consultation. That way I can determine your natural shape and can advise where I can correct and add symmetry. Please don't wax, thread, tweeze any hair before your consultation, I will take care of these by doing a brow sculpt.
  • $895 | up to 3 hrs
     Perfecting session | up to 2 hrs

    Feathering or microblading is the latest technique in semi permanent tattoo for  brows.
    This technique is done with a hand tool.
    The hair like strokes mimic natural hair to create a fuller more symmetrical brow
    that compliments your face shape. Brow shaping will be done also if required.
    *A perfecting session is required 6-8 weeks after the initial treatment. If you fail to come back within 8 weeks of your initial treatment you will be charged $300 for a colour refresh.
  • $895 | up to 3 hrs
     Perfecting session | up to 2 hrs
    The powder brow technique is a softer alternative to feathering.  
    This technique is done using a machine. This technique is suited for clients who like
    a powdery or softly pencilled in look, lightly powdering in behind your brow
    in a shape that is complementary to your face shape and gives a youthful appearance. 
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